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The Moments from our Kite Festivals.
3rd Kerala Kite Festival was held in Kochi at Kuzhuppilly Beach. Mr. Anand received best humanitarian cause kite flying certificate, as a part of the event theme to promote Clean Beach, 2012.

Shri KV Thomas, Union Minister for Agri-Food inaugurated the event by flying Shark Kite, made by KLF.

 Master Arvind received the best kite making in the event. He represented KV, Thrissur. He made an Eagle Kite using all land fill products.
  Lord Hanuman Kite of Kiter Asgar Ali, representing Suncity Kite Club, Jodhpur, Rajasthan

KLF Secretary and Kiter Suresh Babu in the event.
TeamKerala Members with Laughing Kite in the event.

 Kite Connoisseur Hilda with her new kite in the event.
 Lord Hanuman Kite by Kiter Asgar
 TeamKerala members
Shri K V Thomas, Union Cabinet Minister enjoying kite flying in the event 2012
Skyline flooded with kite, color the sky.

3rd Kerala Kite Festival 2012


Massive kite workshop by KLF

Above are picture of KiteKraft, the kite workshop from the banner KiteLife Foundation where close to 600 students participated the session at one go! The venue Kendriya Vidyalaya at Thrissur held to commemorate the occasion of 100th year of Janaganamana in 2012. 1200 students participated in kite flying with various messages written on the kites. An unforgettable moment of my life as a kiter really overwhelmed with the response.