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Pictures from Kalipara Kite Fest 23 May 2015


A breath taking experience @ Kalipara Neyyar Dam Trivandrum

a breath taking and mesmerising kite flying expereince. It was a validating experience that raised my basic instinct and kites in my life which has proven a yet another endeavour of my activities in the field of kite flying. Flying infact begun after a kite workshop which i was invited to conduct for the youth and kids alike. The event was a commemaration of a theme " Nature, Life & Culture " an education camp cum District Kite Fest organised by Yuva Kala Kayika Cultural Forum and Kalipara Shri Lokambika Temple Trust in association with KiteLife Foundation and Youth Affairs Welfare Board, Govt of Kerala. I always believed that kite play an important part of my life since inception. It gives really a height of experience and thats true in its fullest sense and to validate this my recent workshop on kiteKraft™ proved the worthiness of that belief. Today I had an overwhelming experience by inducting into an unduped effort by putting myself an unexpected main course of th…