Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Kiting is an Universal Fascination

Kiting is an universal fascination and so the making. Its an old tradition in countries since over centuries.  India is one of the largest kite flying nation compared to many countries. Over the years kite dynamics have changed a lot and resort new thoughts unleashing new ideas and its intensity towards as a leisure game and sports. This dimension paved a way for many kiters becoming professional in concept, imagination, art besides making it inculcating the cultural asthetics that paused a new look in the overall development of kite making and increase its possibilty to visually spectacular when concurring the blue sky. kites doesnt have any shapes or theme today it has grown from a mere 'K' for Kite yet to a larger than life size or say unimaginable stable structures that float aloft in the sky.  Also to the fact that flying very high is also gradually declining since the creative aspects and its visual feast takes a front seat when it comes to show kite festivals. This is indeed a good move and we kiters believe in its way that are required to amaze people in that order only to promote such kite festivals. 

Historically, it is a fact that the chinese invented kite kite. But then mere leisure structure grown up even utilise as a device to grab signals whilst during world wars. This has given a new dimension to kites and many started using it. The paragliding which born on this background generated lot of scope towards aerial viewing noted to be an innovation that become widely used in even as a leisure game and competetions.

While constructing an aerodynamically functional object such as a kite is difficult because it requires an in-depth understanding of aerodynamic forces. Learners has to gain an intuitive understanding of the lift forces, drag forces, torque and string tension forces involved in a feasible kite design.

The kite as a model of inspiration to many never restricted. Nothing contrary to the fact undetered that we know Wright Brothers who were inspired the same kite shape and its dynamics that geared them to make a first flight aircraft that went aloft is a validating history. 

Kites are used today for many scientific purpose. It serves to generate renewable energy and widely used to understand climate conditions and forecast. 

Kite festivals are becoming an another attraction in the world over today and lure people from far and wide. There are more than 150 biggest kite festivals which are organised spanning 80 countries. This include India that boasts more than 15 kite festival in International and National scale.  
Gujarat, the paradise of many kiters and passion clubs flock from different regions when the state capital Ahmedabad turn its wings spread to cover hundreds of kiters across the world in the month of January starting first week end to 2nd begining week spanning main cities connected to Ahmdabad and culminate the finale with gandeur. No kiters in India would effort to miss this event. Its 29th year  now. The number of kiters have grown now and many capitilize with these kiters to attract crowd to their festivals. Gujarat  boasts the maximum kiters in India unlike less no of teams in Kerala, Karnataka, Kolkata, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu etc. Clubs are growing now and so the kiters. But there a very few in resorting to make kites of their own. Creative kite making is a different aspect and all together its a seperate ball game. they source materials and work really hard to make what they have imagined as a concept, leading to visualising then atlast accomplish in their master creation in the form of figurines or unimaginable shapes that amaze the wonders and enthusiasm amongst the spectators. Making kites are really expensive because of the fabric, spar and thread. More than this time consumption. To avoid this many buy kites from outside like China, the prominent market and kite capital of the world while they travel and partake in festivals. The kiters who make kites are growing with some distinction. They generate new ideas and engage in making kites of their own. Its a higly time consuming job at work. Needs concentration and ability to design and creatively done. There are big and small structures in this art works. After making they rolled up in a bag then carry to show it in the festivals they have been invited. Kites which they make are durable and long standing life provided it is kept safe and secure if not flying. 

Kites are made in different shapes and colours. Its sewn in and the rip-stop fabric which are known for its durability and lighter weight. The bamboo sticks which used as structure treated in traditional way to ensure no damage and longstanding. They handle with care and after checks it will be inserted in the pockets made in firmed velcrow on the rear side of the kite face. Soon after this get finished with a bridle to point out by the overall centre force of the kite face to where force it get lifted and ably aloft. If this is done in the beach, you are doing a possible support to ensure a good and a stable bridling. Bridiling is one of the main subject in the chapter in which you cannot ignore. If the bridle is not tied from the point of pressure then the kite possibly fly unstable. There are occasions where the place of flying subject to get change towards flying if there are issues in the venue like trees, buiding obstacles that restricts the wind flow then you should have set of point of tow to bear equal weight and control pressure so that fly in stable barring turbulant wind if any.  

Other than the creative kite making and flying in the festival we have double line ( quad line )
kites that are used as a sport kites. These type of kites have become equally important in the festivals. To handle this kite one has to go thru a learning process by an expert guidance. This entails power in the motion.It works even in traction that pull the kiter. There are power traction kites as well. These are available to manuveur in Two lines / Four line kites are becoming increasingly attractive as it draws lot of enthusiasm among the onlookers and audience amazing that how does they fly. Festivals would set in programmes that include the group of kiter experts perform the kite-aerobik/ Stunt Kite show of kites. Its an awsum event in the festivals one would see! The another attraction in this segment is Revolution Kites which became the leading amongst the best saught though market in India is yet to wake up. The kites of these sort are sports in nature. Special training is required to master in this kite sports. There are very few now in this sports. In coming years there will be more kiters with this sports as the increasing prominence and stastics shows in this direction. 

Another development is LED based kites which are flown in the night. Generally, these kites arrive in Delta shape, one of the easliest flying dimension. However, the LED which are fixed in the kite sail  runs in lights forming interesting display like bird, men in cycle, butterfly etc. These kites are also gaining importance in the festivals as to make evenings worth.

Kite workshops are also much saught after activity in the kite festivals. Kids and adults alike flock in to attend the festivals when it is heard that workshop is also being conducted. I have my personal experience that accomdate more than 1200 participants attending at one go! This is a wonderful experience for a kite-maker. Its an enjoying moment as it offer the education and entertainment. More than its a sort of social commitment towards society having a tryst to incorporate a sporting event. Few years back kiting was not given these much importance. But since programmes that has given importance thru resorting festivals conduted in various regions it augmented a feel of coming back. Hence the dimension changed. And we are seeing the difference today.