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Satwa Kids Camp @ Vengoor Angamaly Kochi with KLF 25th April, 2018

Ms Supriya, Founder of Satwa has invited KLF for tthe second time to be part of their popular Summer Camp, which is running for the fourth time. KLF associated with Satwa for the second time. Kids partcipated for the last many editions has been so enormously happy, having found in the camp.There is some sort of bonding and their engagment in the programs is a standing testimony to what vouch on above. Happily, as on second time to the camp I have seen this evidently. What not that was offered to a camper, be it drama, sport, skill development, cookery classes, Yoga and by the time they leave the camp they will find in enlightened and  empowered. Kite, to its core has enormously created a furore having making one as well flying. Unlike in the past, a new type was introduced to them which can fit into their pocket with out any hassle and free to fly as and when they feel free and conquer the blue skyline.

Some of the pictures given below. Oh yeah, another interesting activity I have in…