Tuesday, 25 December 2018

Manorama and KiteLife Foundation on KIAL with public activity's

Malayalam Manorama and Kite Life Foundation in Kannur on 8th Dec 2018

Malayalam Manorama has invited KiteLife Foundation this time to conduct an event on the sidelines of a promotion aimed at the launch of Kannur International Airport to be happened on 9th Dec 2018. Manorama in a way grabbed the opportunity to be part of the landmark event in occurrence that can capitalize the occasion by inviting kids and family and general public at large to be part of the event and organized the three hour captivated performed that has large gathering.  Literacy, relatively a new type which they never expected to be but hugely gathered one be one and it has become a crowd puller. Primarily, the design of the day was a new idea to each one of them that has given them all new look of kite. They found happy and kept flying even after the event concluded. Smt P K Srimathy, Member of Parliament inaugurated the event by flying a long vertical kite with supporters all-around catching threads, unable to fly by her, she commented later.

Friday, 26 October 2018

World Kite Day - OneSkyOneWorld by KiteLife Foundation India

Friends united for a feed on kite in the beach, kuzhuppilly beach, a serenice and exotic beach that compounded by beach trees and facilities that would interest beach goers happy. Flying kites for a set of people like is an opportunity fora getogether, seldome we couldn't make as all were pre occupied. The day evince interest, besides flying is a message that transcribe to the rest of world as a moment of peace, an imminent piece in todays life. And what more a fact comes in observance in flying spreading a beautiful message for the world peace. Falls on every second sunday of october world celebrates flying kites with peace as a message.

From different corners kiter friends assembled. Spectatators have the visual fiesta. Some found asking why u guys do all these. Telling them suchdays are celebrated, finding their eyes wide open bewildered!. Enjoy.