A new craze found in kites by kids in Green Park, Aluva, Kochi 23 April 2019

Neighbourhood kids play with kites

The kid brigade found a craze in the flying sport when they were gifted few units of kites by Rajesh. They engaged in fixing tails and ear tails when 'Rajesh uncle' told them that gives stability. The kites are typically in a fighter kite model and kids were not aware of such dynamics. They ran in the avenue to fly kites. There is no ground or a play ground for them in the vicinity of the resident colony.

What surprises, the flying continued for next 3 days. They completely forgotten using mobile phones / games. That's a good sign. Some time mobiles are a bane than a boon..what it restricts and obstruct the power of imagination for growing children. Rajesh says it gives really a good feeling and things turned out to be very positive by the end of the day, Prithvi, young amongst  the kutty gang tied his kite in the back of his cycle and ride his kite and that went up while his brother kept flying his kite soaring the sky by running with o…

Test flight of my new kites at Kuzhuppilly beach, Kochi

As usual, I went to Kuzhuppilly beach and unfolded my kite bag. I was little apprehensive having seen the climatic condition as it rained a while ago in the city. But then I decided to go and to take a chance. Kiting for me is not just flying but many unknown to become friends. That is the beauty of kites it adds up the color in my life as well to the new friends. I am sure they carry lot of memories when leaving the beach. Such is the case today to Dr Neha and Dr Naveen who was present in the beach on their new outing to explore Kerala. They are newly married says Neha. Naveen and Neha both hail from Delhi. When I heard they are from Delhi I couldn't resist soon I got them interacted. Infact, when naveen saw me trying to spread my kite wings soon he joined me. He tried his hands as well. He is well verses about his passion in kites on kite fighting and cutting. Neha also talked about the thread (manjha) it used in kite fighting. She liked the box kite, she says. They really love…

New Age School Campus K conducts KiteKraft

Kitekraft @ Campus school Chennai

Participants gathered around with their parents in the hall at Campus K,  a new age school situated at Sholinganallur.  CAMPUS K,  a new generation school that has students at their best. Parents are of the view that this new generation school is giving a personalised learning plan for every child. They have great caring and provides a happy environment. The kind of activities KLF did today was also part of such directions. KiteLife Foundation is very happy to have been part of this arena that gave students a newer experience and  scope for developing imagination, freedom of expression, art and talent which imbibed skill into building kites yet appear in a very unconventional model. Thanks for entrusting us.

Parents and kids all along tries their hands o fly kites on the ground at CampusK,  Sholinganallur. Wind at the initial stage was favoured but then it went down.

Very soon we are getting ready for the borneo intl kite festival in bintulu, sarawak…

The traverse of World Kite this week.

Kiter Ferruh Bayasu had sent to me the latest picture that explains the current status of the popular World Kite.  World Kite is now flying in Bulgaria. World kite,  a lite ripstop white in color made named world kite is now in the hands of Kiter Ferruh which he recieved from India based kiter Rajesh Nair during the immeidate past IKF, Gujarat.
Ferruh is as a custodian can fly it anywhere he wish to travel to attend kite festivals. After he finishes his festivals fly he will hand it over to another kiter whom he randomly select. Every kiter is following the same terms and conditions untill it reaches the final destination at World Kite Museum. Founders Ron and Shwan of USA will be happy hearing the development and I think Ferruh is already in touch with them. Thanks ferruh for updating us. Enjoy your fly buddy.

Satvva Summer Camp @ Vengoor, Angamali, Kochi. 17/04/2019

Satvva Summer Camp

Like every year, this year too KiteLife Foundation was invited to host a kitekraft® for the kids. For kids, it is becoming a regular activity the orgaisers have chosen. Kiter Rajesh is a friend to them, old participants recognise him and they hurrily ask him Sir, do you have bubbles also. Bubbles have become favorite pass time yet creative like kites, Rajesh thought and could see a glitter in  their eyes. Unlike the past two editions, Supriya Mitra, the chief organiser of the camp and founder Satvva has different plans. She informs Rajesh about an outdoor visit they are conducting to a place called Arangottukara, in Thrissur district, a 2hour 15 minutes drive in bus, selected a river side where kids will be given a session of preserving river in regard to nature conservation and building knowledge besides added to some activities and kite can be flown as a culmination event along with giant bubbles.

But still some kids in the camp wanted to try their hand on the ne…

Kite Festival in Kish Island Iran - A photo opps