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Pune International Kite Festival 2014

Pune International Kite Festival 2014Third International Kite Festival in the series for me featured in the same month as Jan. It was an astounding event that has garnered by the Kiters so much fun from day long. Often wind had its toll keeping unstable but we vigorously attempted to not to loose the general interest of the Punaikers since its a first show and kiters united to make it happen. The organizers were so enthusiastic and has almost had nothing left any stone un-turned.
People gathered around the show and  to the venue in  good nos, largely towards the evening but am sure the crowd were too excited to witness an amusingly spectacular show which they never experienced earlier. Many wanted to see the creatives  and come close to interact and started inquiring about the making and seriously I had made some friends who in assurance will be in touch while exchanging the visiting cards.
Love to attend the show with my new collections when next. I have some new creatives which I woul…