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(കാറ്റാടി) Kattadi Kite Fest, Mahe, Puducherry 5-5-2018

Kattadi Kite Fest @ Mahe is the latest in the workshop series beginning of the month. Prominently known as Mayyazhi and home for popular Writer and Novelette Shri M Mukundan. Shri Mukundan graced the occasion and delivered the talk and narrated some kite stores to kids. He is also understood to have saying he could fly the kite for the first time in his life. It was a good moment and as a great admirer, I have handed him over a kite, which I made to fly.  Shri Mukundan flown the kite and inaugurated the event in the presence of Ex Home Minister, Govt of Puducherry, Shri Valsaraj who is also Chief Patron of Sabarmathi Research & Innovation Foundation, Mahe and Muncipal Commissioner Shri Aman Sharma. It was a pleasure moment to every one who came to participate in the function.

Mahe, it is first time a kite fest is being held where kids come in large nos. Nine years and above are the ones who attended with pre-register their name for the KiteKraft ®.

Para Sled was the kite chosen to…