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13th Borneo International Kite Festival 2017 Bintulu, Malayasia

This is the 3rd year am invited to Bintulu, one of the fav festival site in Asia I liked the most!! to participate in the prestigious kite festival of Malaysia. KiteKraft ® for students organised in the festival for various students from different schools in Bintulu were invited to participate​ on the sidelines of the main festival. As a gesture to the organiser I did the workshop for 50 odd students making them learn Sled kites followed by wind garden workshop!  Over the kite it is written on kite sail... it says Bintulu, I Love You. A week long festival begun from 27th October continue to patronize by many International and national kitist and concluded on 1st October.

Bintulu in Malayasia​ is a kiters paradise becoz of it's festivities and celebrations in Asia continent. Kiters visited they're wanted to visit again and again. Main reason becoz the people of Bintulu who supported the festival. The shops which are where'd you find almost are going on real spree. The coun…