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Test flight of my new kites at Kuzhuppilly beach, Kochi

As usual, I went to Kuzhuppilly beach and unfolded my kite bag. I was little apprehensive having seen the climatic condition as it rained a while ago in the city. But then I decided to go and to take a chance. Kiting for me is not just flying but many unknown to become friends. That is the beauty of kites it adds up the color in my life as well to the new friends. I am sure they carry lot of memories when leaving the beach. Such is the case today to Dr Neha and Dr Naveen who was present in the beach on their new outing to explore Kerala. They are newly married says Neha. Naveen and Neha both hail from Delhi. When I heard they are from Delhi I couldn't resist soon I got them interacted. Infact, when naveen saw me trying to spread my kite wings soon he joined me. He tried his hands as well. He is well verses about his passion in kites on kite fighting and cutting. Neha also talked about the thread (manjha) it used in kite fighting. She liked the box kite, she says. They really love…