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KITE A DAY WITH JATAYU, World's Largest Bird Sculpture - 25th Jan 2019 The National Tourism Day

A day with Jatayu, The World's Largest Bird Sculpture
Jatayu, the largest bird in the epic, Ramayana synonymous to be known for strength and vigil and so valiantly to fight with to rescue Sita, the wife of Lord Rama, from the devil hands of Ravana while abducting Sita.

Because Jatayu was old and Ravana got a better of him and he cut the wings of Jatayu. Wounded and tired Jatayu was given Moksha by Lord Rama when they met each other on the rock and instances of Jatayu and Rama along with lakshmana then traverse to South as Jatayu said Ravana took Sita to that direction. Jatayu Para, as it is locally known still has many where about and indications of Jatayu fell on the rock and has a stretched mark of his beak and place where Lord Rama's footprint. A Rama temple is also situated, a centuries old. Today, the rock turn out to be a one of its kind built in the purpose of pilgrimage, Siddha wellness, Tourism and adventure park. Situated 1000ft above sea level, undoubtedly, the highes…

30th International Kite Festival at Ahmadabad

30th International Kite Festival Ahmadabad, Gujarat. 5-14, Jan 2019

It's the 30th year the kite festival of Gujarat, in its state capital that organises by the Government of Gujarat ( Tourism) and celebrates festival on the international level. Organised on the bank's of Sabarmathi River on the specially placed green carpet beginning 5- 14th of Jan every year with others 10-12 locations with separate teams travelling to the far-flung putting together a massive show spinning12-13 days.

Every kid in Gujarat brings kites as a matter of pride, unity with his/her friends and families wholesomely treat and bring their fellowship of having kite flying, a mark of festivity in the wake of Uttarayan, the sun when traverse to northern hemisphere consider as a mark of retreat to the winter and people celebrates kite flying. This also coincides the arrival of harvest season.

To specify, the kite filled in the sky is not a fun unless it's consider to be a fight. So the fight is by flyi…