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4th Uiseong International Kite Festival, South Korea

Immediate past week i could attend the event held in the province of South Korea.

When reached at Incheon airport there was a volunteer standing with the placard which could easily spot and lead me to the group of people were already arrived and we all together proceeded to a bus arranged. Met many new friends there and exchanged notes. Peter Lynn, the legend, whom i know only among the group was re-uniting after the Pune event.All became friends in no time and we did chat.

                                                   Traverse to catch up the final Destination

 Bus run about 2 hours and had stopped for the refreshments at a set of restaurants there named the Mcdonals where we seated after the leaks. We ate the food served and proceeded to the bus again to catch up our final destination.

In between i cross checked with my friends and monitor to know how far we need to travel more but it was the first time and to my surprise , an another 2 hours!!!!. I went on sleeping because of…