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Smart Kite Fest at Tirupur 18 Octo 2014

KiteLife Foundation presents Smart Kite Fest in the knitwear city of Tirupur. Primarily targeted amongst the kite enthusiasts and students the event was hosted by Smart Modern School. The event promoted with an aim that was accomplished in the turn outs largely from not only from host school but other schools and public. The event noticed successful and participants were enjoyed by the unique designs taught by the expert from KLF Pics talk the rest

KiteLife Foundation completes 503 KiteKraft ever since its inception in kochi 2010.

KiteLife Foundation works on a socially responsible movement that is revolutionised in Kerala with the advent of a Kite Festival popularly known as Kerala Kite Festival, first official kite festival begun in the state in the year Jan 2010 in Kochi. Initiated and founded by creative kite builder Rajesh Nair with his close friends chose to unite the kite enthusiasts in the state and offering them a platform where they could assemble in a festival and showcase their art works. In 2010, KiteLife Foundation has embarked in providing Kite making workshops in schools and private programmes. This was a new dimension in the overall development of kite enthusiasm amongst the kids and adults alike. They experience a new thrill in making new designs which was then never been told by any or seen by many. The overall effort of KLF towards changing the perception amngst the people of Kerala was yielding results by virtue of its presentation and idea behind in making Simple yet attractive kites b…