Thursday, 15 January 2015

Indian Kite Festival season begins edn 2015

Immediatly after the flag off our National Kte Fedtival held in Kollam Kerala we will be watching more re festivals. Ahmdabad kite for stival the mother if kite festivals in India occurs in Jan every year. This event lure lot of enthusiasts the world over. Kiters come from different nations bring unique designs to exhibit before lacs of audience that span a week long programme. Other than the kite as a major atttaction you will students from various school perform Surya Namaskar wearing national colours in the green carpetted wide spread area synchornizing in the back ground music. The drill of kiters with their kites preferably go in mass collection and shake hands with the audience. Ahmdabad is now extended kite festivals in other parts of Gujarat to promote destination promotion a yet another strategical placement in the development of tourism n the state.This orks well with kite festival as it lure lot of spectators around and partly join the kite flying as well. This is an awsum occassion fir localites to promote culture as well as other food products whuch are very unique in their tradition. Some of the pictures shot to cherish