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Belguam Indian Kite Festival Jan 2015

The next destination on kite tour was BIKF where am participating for the first time BIKF has lured many foriegn kiters this time. Many of them are new few turned out old as well. As the fourth edn i guess they have grown but as a kiter my experience was good in the ground. Wind speed though fulctuated did give some gud running task which i liked. Theyyam kite roaring in the turbulant wind and it crashed on the ground i had to fix it before my next festival. When i did not have wind i played with Aerobi a wala version that lured my interest to remain in the ground. Food was good served in the dining tent and i enjoyed it bit non veg!!!.. Kiters or Kiter when they join it give lot of oppportunity to interact especially it gves lot of understanding of cultural exchange. As an organiser they did not pay heed to some of the nuances were found missing as certain discrimination taken place lke they put indian and foriegn fliers seperate. And the stay accomdation was considerably not good…