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Borneo International Kite Festival 2016 28 Sept -2 October 2016.


Borneo International Kite Festival 2016

KiteLife Foundation was invited to participate in this prestigious festival of Asia touted to be the best in Asia. KLF has taken in its baggage of kites which are the routes for the promotion of heritage as its says! promote heritage thru kites. kites that have not flown in till date in the skyline of Bintulu where it will witness has a gung-ho attiude I believe in. Therefore to add it up we have made a specially designed Temple Elephant that fly magnanimously different from any kites yet a distinct in its aprroach, gace and beauty. Proud to present Temple Elephant, Mahabali,Nettipattam, para sled, and a kite presented by my dear friend from South india Belguam as special gesture to him. Note it yeah. Here goes. Bintulu.... Happy flying thank you for the best!!!! Always.