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10th Dodbalapur National Kite Festival 15&16, July 2017

The recent visit of mine was to Dodbalapur just 40 kms away from the central Bangalore, Karnataka.
Dodbalapur, a highly populated suburban city, predomindently engaged in looming industry. Each household possesses looming machines and work orders in tandem. The textile giants buys in bulk the silk,cotton and non-silk sarees from them and it means Dbpurians instant livelihood. There are lot of people as well work outside the Dbpur who owns businesses in the city of Bangaluru as well. It says they all unite at the time of DBPur kite festival.
This is the 2nd time am invited to this festival. It's their 10th edition. Organised by Dodbalapur Galipata Kalasanga, a registered organisation with a long standing. DBPur, as I fondly call is very close to my heart. The people are so loving and affectionate. May be this is the first reason. I would not mind to go there again unless I am stucked or any reservation in my professional CSRlife. I do travel lot in my self-employed job. As an arde…