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10th Dodbalapur National Kite Festival 15&16, July 2017

The recent visit of mine was to Dodbalapur just 40 kms away from the central Bangalore, Karnataka.
Dodbalapur, a highly populated suburban city, predomindently engaged in looming industry. Each household possesses looming machines and work orders in tandem. The textile giants buys in bulk the silk,cotton and non-silk sarees from them and it means Dbpurians instant livelihood. There are lot of people as well work outside the Dbpur who owns businesses in the city of Bangaluru as well. It says they all unite at the time of DBPur kite festival.
This is the 2nd time am invited to this festival. It's their 10th edition. Organised by Dodbalapur Galipata Kalasanga, a registered organisation with a long standing. DBPur, as I fondly call is very close to my heart. The people are so loving and affectionate. May be this is the first reason. I would not mind to go there again unless I am stucked or any reservation in my professional CSRlife. I do travel lot in my self-employed job. As an ardent kite lover and choice by passion, I might look. Options as well. Greetings to me!!!. As you'd know by now what am upto in my kiting career. As a kiter am inspired by our culture and heritage. Hence the kites which I make is inculcated  to such themes and I am glad festivals excites me to present the theme and therefore be able to present culture and heritage thru my kites. This I do every where no difference be it in national or international.
DBPur celebrated their 10th edition in the early Jul, 2017. They have a unique traditon that forms the crowd gathered around to present and participate with their creative kites after registration. The first day was listed for the professional kiters who were invited to this event. Unlike last year, this year turned up to showcase a gamut of kiters team from different parts of India. These kiters included Belguam, Mumbai, Rajkot, Kochi, Puducherry and team from Bangaluru and native Dbpurians.No doubt Dbpur has raised their profile. The festival wind shows the graph.
DBPur has a long tradition of kites. The unique round or if it compared, kite has a Bermuda shape in the outer layer and the creatives in self chosen art using paint and different colors be it goddess, insects, kite, pyramid, wind wheels and so on. Each kite has a tail from jute line covering the longest to be ably sustain and fly when kite is aloft in the skyline and to defy the wind situation. The kites are flown in the highest altitude and the average height of the kite is 5 ft and 6 ft dia in size. Almost 250 kites flown at the time of competetion. Every house has a set target when they decide to participate in the competetion. Hence the creatives are so overwhelming and appealing. Ladies, gender unbiased is an another attraction,typically housewifes when they came seated before the contest in the first row. Perhaps they have skill and more talented. Irrespective of the age there were participants and youth retained large numbers it seems. Over the years, DBPur has changed a lot. It's imperative. The exposure you get to see the world will definitely influence change. But as a kiter, I urge the change is fine but to retain it's glory by what has been a question from where they grow our say grown from mere local festival to a national. The basic design that had been a growth factor should be the prime facia of their festival. They should not get it lost in the surge. This is the reason for me to visit the festival. What they can do they can keep the two layer activities. One which their tradition and 2nd as a festival they can invite any body of their choice. I hope they do this and they have a strength to distribute it, conserve it and preserve it. This is their responsibility towards kiting community. A socially responsible.

The way it is celebrated you will get a feeling of festivals conducted in Bali or Guatamala.

The first day of the event was listed for professional kiters.
2nd for the competing participatants.
The winners of the competetion was given away cash prizes and certificates. The founder and it's group partners were also greeted and honored. National kiters who flown all the way from different regions to participate in the fest were also honored and handed over mementos.
Towards the competetion, the major part was a kite which had Lord Hanumanji in the full size covered in the shape of Bermuda. The kite was brought to the ground ( main field) thru a procession by the youth drum beats music and dance. It is reminded of a 'Varav',a typical procession during temple festivals in my home land. Varav is referred to a presentation bestowed upon the people from other temples in the lineage and they arrive thru a procession walking from far flung region and act as an integrated aspects as a present to main God during week long festivals. In the Dbur fest The Hanumanji kite they present every year( atleast for the last two years I have seen) and flown in away from the main ground and entire crowd other than the  kiters ( included me last year) hold the role and way for the signal to run when wind flows. This is a master scene that enthralls everyone and wanted to see it flying. And it flies. After all the matter of wind, if the son of wind God flies then who flies. Thats a visual extravaganza. It covers Unity, diversity, fellowship, friendship blessed with brotherhood.
First day of the event, the said wind turbulance was off great lift and gutsy and very strong and many kites were cut down and floored in far long ground. Kiters had to run to fetch. I had a difficulty like other kiters, but then I manged to fly after my repeated attempt for 3 hours on the 2nd day. Almost all kiters fly kites as well. I could fly my Nettipattam, a nylon fabric applique designed traditional lukalike decoration adorned by Elephant during temple festival.
The 3rd day was destined for temple visits like last year. This is another attraction in the festival package. There are lot of temples including Nandi hills, Gatti Subramaniam temple in another 30 kms away from the place we stayed in DBpur. A tempo Traveller was arranged and took us to the temples. It's was spiritual drive to get reminded upon our conscience and contention. Far away from Homeland we performed Pooja and offered worship.

Thanks to the founders, patrons, and kiters of Dbpur GKS.

Thank you.
Rajesh Nair .

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