Thursday, 19 October 2017

13th Borneo International Kite Festival 2017 Bintulu, Malayasia

This is the 3rd year am invited to Bintulu, one of the fav festival site in Asia I liked the most!! to participate in the prestigious kite festival of Malaysia. KiteKraft ® for students organised in the festival for various students from different schools in Bintulu were invited to participate​ on the sidelines of the main festival. As a gesture to the organiser I did the workshop for 50 odd students making them learn Sled kites followed by wind garden workshop!  Over the kite it is written on kite sail... it says Bintulu, I Love You. A week long festival begun from 27th October continue to patronize by many International and national kitist and concluded on 1st October.

Bintulu in Malayasia​ is a kiters paradise becoz of it's festivities and celebrations in Asia continent. Kiters visited they're wanted to visit again and again. Main reason becoz the people of Bintulu who supported the festival. The shops which are where'd you find almost are going on real spree. The counters are full be it food or beer! Articles exhibited in the shop are very attractive and they Mill moolah. Not only tourist but kiters as well find shopping novelties and show pieces. Food conservatively Asian but seldom vegitarians find it difficult to cope up. Bintulu has finest of finest location for flying kites. This will enlarge for more people interest in the years to come.

Kite parade in the inaugural day comprising of all kiters with it's national flag and special creatives went along the way covering almost 2 and half km.

Special mementos were handed over by the CM of Sarawak.

Theyyam my first ever originally made inflatable kite longing 35 ft were flown. It's first that I made something like this. Kiter John and Simon supported me to adjust bridiling which I had own doubt. Any ways it was good existence show!!!. Now I have decided for large and giant kites will make inflatables. Small ones stick!!!! Ones. Andy Taylor my dear friend had been the one with whom I did wind garden workshop. Sandesh helped me on the kite workshop!!.

The event also witnessed Andy handing over me the world kite.

The kite which was initiated by Ron Millburn and Sharon Mustow of Canada in 2004 now reached to me after covering 13 countries. It is great honour to me directly specially a kiter now the onus is to me to handover it to another kiter in another on my visit to fly. Every body will fly it endorse it in the kite giving their signature and eventually after many years it will handover to World Kite Museum in the long beach Washington DC. I don't know when it will reach there. But will reach one day. The most exciting thing that happened to me is that I had written about the kite to Mr Ron Millburn who'll do not know it had come to India and in my safe hands! He replied to me showing his gratitude and knowing my plans that the kite will fly in the famous Ahmedbad kite festival and offer festivals in India before it's departure from the country. Yes am going to do it.

Let's see some pics in the kite field.