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She Fest, an unique kite making and kite flying fest at Calicut beach on 16 Dec 2017

Recently we had been invited to be as a partner on an unique event where different college girl students has been roped in to the tune of 50 in nos to organise an activity in Calicut. Sargalaya, the Arts and Craft Village based at Irangal, Badagara, a suburban town near Calicut Dist as a part of their international art & craft festival scheduled to be commenced from 21-Dec to 8- Jan 2018 as promotional event.

Event towards this was begining with Kitekraft® where fabric kites teaching and learning as DIY model held turn out to be in different shapes and colors organised at Nalanda Auditorium in the first half day of activity. Afternoon session was followed by kite flying by the students and invited professional kiters from KiteLife Foundation. Lot of people gathered around in the beach as the large kites went up aloft besids kites of different shapes that enthralled the audience and program was a roaring success testified and acknowledged by Saragalaya officials.

Some media scori…