Friday, 12 January 2018

Ahmedbad International Kite Festival, Sabarmathi, Gujarat

How many times, I have been visiting this august gathered festival boasted to be the largest amongst festival of it's kind in not just in India but in Asia.. No... it has transcended even in comparison to other festival of kites around the world where kiters from different parts of the globe to be in Ahmedbad​!

Ahmedbad has a glorified distinction from what from other festivals are mainly because of it's audacity to bear a generous effort in offering​ the travelling expenses of kiter's. This is a biggest difference ever irrespective of the regions. Need not to mention about the careful hospitality.

Unlike in the beginning, now for many year,  I know the only one in the travel strategy that remain unchanged is the long duration of travelling from one place to another to meet the destination mangement programmes on the sidelines of main event that is being held in the city of Ahmadabad is a route of tourism Promotion of that selected city for the real purpose of festival organised. Hence kiter's have to take bell on the first thing to travel in the bus in the group teams. This way TCGL had paved a way to enhance the festival that is being organised in view to promote local tourism and related activities.

Kite Life Foundation was invited as usual this year as well. It's an affair now. Hence we also belt and equipped with new kites. This year it was Master piece Theyyam in new Avtar flown as inflatable! Built in tafeta nylon on an idea inspired from folk lore temple art from place of orgin. Individually or tagged as laundry it can fly. Nothing easy.

Besides, KLF was asked to conduct a kite making workshop at IKF this year, which is like a great honor to us to confirm undoubtedly!!50 + Participants, a mix of family and kids were joyful in taking part of the unique kite workshop organised in the central venue at IKF ground. Happily participated by her constructive support Ms Jo Baker, a dear friend from Australia with me in the workshop. Jo does lot of workshop in her city and around. It was an awsum connection of people I have as friends in kiting as I am an admirer of her kites. My special thanks. Jo.  This apart, I had my team comprising Soumya and Mini assisted in lending their hand as well. Though the number initially was told 50 for the workshop but it enhanced and attended by more than we expected. As I had a practice in carrying additional kits every time when I travel so it helped me here also. I have special thanks to Mr Kirti Thakker, whom I know since many years who also worked with Tourism Dept of Gujrat handle the outreach activities.   Mr. Deepak Kapadia who referred my name to Kirti Bhai and I am thankful to him as well.

Few pics from the workshop.