Friday, 26 January 2018

Bubbles and Bubblology, an extremely wonderful time pass yet creative in the kite field

It was my dear friend Fred and Donna Taylor's instant in the field I was attracted to the bubble technology. It's air born Inflatable created out of a distinct solution Fred brings in from all the way Canada. He makes it from fresh water as he says some time he uses drinking water that are supplied in bottles to be able to draw such good waving bundles of bubbles.  Yes indeed when you do it you realise that bubbles are for long stay. Bubbles break so fast if any dry object meet them. Wind velocity also required to Sustain them. The crowd was so amazed to catch each bubbles but then it breaks when they catch. It's science. Any dry object meet the bubbles it breaks. If a wet hand then it retains. Appear to be very musical it seems and fun it generates gathered around by people in the field who are mostly the spectators turning to be joyful with their kids and tiny tots to catch each bubbles. Sooner bubbles become the activity area amongst the public.  Fred and me occasionally performed it in almost every day from Goa to Huballi to Belagavi. Goa was exceedingly wonderful being the beach nearby and I think the moist matters a lot. Eventually it was enjoyed by not only public by also kiter's taking wonderful pictures that was shared to us. Thanks Sabrina, Thanks Jo n Trent Thanks Gutte.

Thanks Fred for giving me an opportunity to exhibit my learning experience! Bro am going to continue it. And decided to incorporate it with my KiteKraft®, kite making workshops as a bonus to participants for sheer entertainment.