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The flying is not just a sport but an Art - ( Dina Thanthi)


The Art that Touches the Sky - The Hindu


ART Want to build modern kites? KiteLife Foundation teaches you how Sweta Akundi
JUNE 04, 2018 18:42 IST
UPDATED: JUNE 05, 2018 13:30 IST

The Kite Makers. - The New Indian Express

Indian Express Chennai Edn. June 5, 2018
CHENNAI:  If you don’t have the ability to imagine then what is the fun of living,” said Rajesh Nair(44), organiser of the ‘The Art of Kites’ workshop, that was conducted  over the weekend in Palladium mall.
Rajesh started flying kites at the age of six. His passion for flying objects motivated him to choose a career on the same lines. “Making a kite is always fun. Everyone can make it but my workshops focus on learning to make a professional kite,” he said. There is a difference between general kites and the professional kites. General kites are easily available everywhere but the professional kites are difficult to spot. Professional kites are often produced by the Kite Life Foundation, where you get kites in other shapes apart from the basic quadrilateral shape. “Tell me any shape and I can make a kite in that shape,” added Rajesh, who is also a CSR Consultant in Cochin and its operations in Chennai and Pune. Kites can also be made with bamb…