Monday, 4 November 2013


Kites have been an universally accepted fun game which works irresistible in the wind that makes the man-made object fly. KLF, the first movers in the state has evolved this as a sport over the years with the public to promote a festival of its kind in Kerala. 

Launched in 2010, the first endeavor shown good color of success with able patronship from tourism alike and host of other supportive partners which include Media. Positioned as a public event programme, the event subsequently took its wings sail & spread in other parts of the state. 

Beach festivals in Kerala started adding kites as one of the themes. This effort lured the people from far and wide. Media tie-ups together with coverage shown flying colors in the skyline painted spectacular. 

Gradually, KLF conducts shows in almost every part of the beaches in Kerala, hence the concept of destination promotion took a different route. 

Kite festivals in Kerala earned accolades by many foreign Kiters and world of kite enthusiasts who find it fun, frolic and sporty. The families came out of home and started enjoying the festival. Thus it was born a unique style of engagement for the people and by the people. A new wave was emerged because of the festival. Festival offered activities where families become part of it. Irrespective or age, caste and creed the festival was celebrated. Perhaps this is only one festival come together with a concept of all in one belief. Professionals, executives, students, kite enthusiasts and general public grown in many fold over the years. 

Thousands of people gather around in the festival ground and this is where we can leverage and develop an opportunity that offers for a successful promotional campaign of any product thru activities related to create the brand recall, product positioning or sampling.  RN

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