Tuesday, 1 October 2013

KiteLife Foundation, as a part of the community programme launching Drishya, an eye camp to be campaigned in the 14 districts of Kerala. We are interested to know any corporate house are keen to participate. For details please contact our council secretary or write to info@kitelifefoundation.org.

You can call us on 9895455115 or 9847328146

At Borneo Intl Kite Festival 2012.

 Kiters in the beginning.

 Kiters at Borneo

KLF's KiteKraft at Calicut

District Collector Shri. K V Mohan Kumar IAS at the inauguration of Cali-Kite Fest in the month of Feb 17, 2013. Below the organisers of the show 24x7 Events headed by Rakesh, Shimjith & Shibin.

I love this pic, shot by my friend. Its my all time favorite!! NO DOUBT. Thankz buddy.

4th Kerala Kite Festival held in the Fort Kochi Beach, Kochi.

A new kite in the making we may call it Pirate Kite, is'nt it. I guess its the look that we aught to see in the films, hey. I like what about you. Now i am ready to fly it. test run done.

Making of my first ParaSled, an interesting kite. I flown it in the Capital City during Onam, harvest festival this year. Anybody can fly it effortlessly, a beauty by it virtue state, more colours are demanding.

Theyyam flown in the Beach fest at Kannur also. Hows the night flying friends.

Theyyam Kite and Theyyam on ground performers at Vishu Kite Festival in Capital City 2013, April month.
Ace Kiter Rajesh Nair was felicitated at the Shimoga Kite Festival in 2013, Feb.

Participant from Austria along with other kids and enthusiasts in the KiteKraft conducted by KLF in Shimoga on 24-25 Feb 2013.

KiteKraft at Calicut, Kerala in association with the Regional Science Planetarium KLF conducted a session for the kids.


Kites from KLF

KiteKraft in the Singapore Kite Festival during 31 Aug-1 Sept, 2013, a Puzzle Kite was introduced for the participants.

Kites in the skyline of Shankumukham Beach, the capital city of Kerala. Thiruvananthapuram. on 15 & 16 Sept 2013 towards Onam, the harvest festival of Kerala. New kites were introduced in the capital fest.

The King Mahabali, the once ruler of Kerala. The belief is that the King visits his people in Kerala and the day was celebrated as Onam. Kite stood for 30ft height and 6 ft wide flown effortlessly in the skyline attracted crowd. Made in nylon and has applique work.

The Master kite of KLF, Theyyam. Theyyam is an art form celebrated in the temple festivals in Kerala, especially northern Malabar province. The bold and vibrant is an art work in nylon and applique creatives done in 2 months in time. A widely accepted kite in the international kite festival still hold the magnum opus creative series by KLF, mastered by celebrated kite flyer and designer Rajesh Nair. The laughing Joker is the immediate kite has stuff feeling while flying, another art work from KLF.