Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Media Coverage to KLF activities India and Abroad

Some more media coverage harnessed in the festivals conducted by KLF and those festivals where KLF was invited. Watch this space.

Media Coverage for the KLF activities for the immediate past events, more to follow/ attach. Please watch this space.

Its been years now that i have been flying kites, begun as a kid, but seldom stops like every one owing to the reason of studies. My life in Delhi has brought me back to the taste of flying hence started inventing new designs. The creme of the kite flying happens really in the last few years that has taken up my passion in full swing. The effort that has put in now showing the fruit to the main fact that people started identifying that if kites can bring in this much level, a magnitude that has grown with no doubt will not take a back seat now for sure! The responsibility henceforth has is high as my passion, seriously becoz, we need to keep up the tempo. I am in it. And will ensure more and more designs as well as some advanced techniques in the kite flying will get introduced in the years to come. However, my taste continues to be a one who makes creatives of ART, rather folk arts or any heritage product which can inculcate into kites and show the world, promote our tradition, heritage and diversification. This is my Instinct.

Rajesh Nair
KiteLife Foundation
Kochi India

                                    Some of the Backdrops of the past  Kite Festivals for information.
KLF's new initiative, in a bid to spread the kiting in the 14 districts of Kerala. KLF's District Kiting Event is an effort of the members  of the KiteLife Foundation, in association with the other local kite enthusiasts and invited kiters from other states, will display the kite creations in various shapes and colours.The skyline filled with different color of kites will have an uproar by its presentation and will invite the wannabes to be part of the festival.

Besides, the kite making workshop with the help of expert Kiters from KLF and KiteKraft, a pioneering curriculum by KLF, the most sought after in this direction will be conducted, on the sidelines of the festival. 
The event propose to be take-off by the second Sunday of the October, as the day will be observed as International Kite Day with a theme, ONE WORLD ONE SKY. This year the days fall on the 12th October, 2013. 
We invite every hobbyist of kites and kiters to be part of the event.