Wednesday, 4 June 2014

the presentation @ Usieong County UIKF 2014

UIKF 2014 Where I had presentaion before the invited members and participants in the international forum

India - Kite culture

After its introduction in India, the kites further evolved into the fighter kite, as popularly known where thousands were flown every year on the festivals such as Major sankranthi, also known to be the harvest season of India. This falls in the month of January

As it is popular in the country where it often takes the form kite fighting in which participant string to snag each other's kites or cut other kites down. Fighting kites are usually small flat diamond shape kites made of paper and bamboo. Tails are not used on fighter kites so to bring in agility and maeuverablity are not compromsed. Kite fighting  exists in the northern, western,eastern regions of India, notable for their kite fighting festivals. Kites are flown in roof tops. Other than the spring festivals, Indians fly kite during Republic and Independence days. Some does in the religious days also. For Kerala my state we even fly during Onam our harvest season in Aug September months.

The after effect of kite fighting

The thread which used in kites for fighting has an abrasive material makes the thread very strong and tough . After the kite get cut or cut by the opponent to this evil effect and in the sight of the verdict from Indian courts many try to refrain to use manjha in the festival

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