Saturday, 11 October 2014

Eid in Dubai and Kite festival in Dubai Jumeriah Kite Beach from 10th October 2014.

KiteLife Foundation was invited by the organizer of the event. The climate for kite flying was awsum and well received b the people and all the kites we brought in to exhibit was lifted aloft flown effortlessly. However the wind often gave pressure due to the seasonal upheavals but cool the effort was success. Huge crowd gathered in the sprawling acres of white sands of Jumeria beach which is popular for the kitesurfing adventure activities was already aloft on the background of this wonderful blue beach and the colour required it to add with beautiful and vibrant kites. The kite workshop conducted was also okay kids got kites that were made instant n they tried hands too. The time for the activity was short since we started (as directed by the organiser ) late hence many kites could not get pay attention and by the time sun was set down. But then awsum led kites found placed by us. The kites flown till that was indeed good a feeling. The space has lot of potential when you say its jumeriah beach. But then you can't any any boundary or to have a fencing since its a public beach. This location has its own disadvantageous where the survelience is must all round. The people go here and there with out knowing a thread is ready to encounter them, but then we have to control.that too. The most exciting is the public also experience and entertained. This is first time they r seeing something like n Dubai towards this side of the city. That's was welcomed and wanted to see more! Cool. OK guys we will be back.

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