Wednesday, 16 April 2014

4th Uiseong International Kite Festival, South Korea

Immediate past week i could attend the event held in the province of South Korea.

When reached at Incheon airport there was a volunteer standing with the placard which could easily spot and lead me to the group of people were already arrived and we all together proceeded to a bus arranged. Met many new friends there and exchanged notes. Peter Lynn, the legend, whom i know only among the group was re-uniting after the Pune event.All became friends in no time and we did chat.

                                                   Traverse to catch up the final Destination

 Bus run about 2 hours and had stopped for the refreshments at a set of restaurants there named the Mcdonals where we seated after the leaks. We ate the food served and proceeded to the bus again to catch up our final destination.

In between i cross checked with my friends and monitor to know how far we need to travel more but it was the first time and to my surprise , an another 2 hours!!!!. I went on sleeping because of the long deep traveling for last 10-14 hours.

Welcome Dinner @ Uiseong

                                                     Introduction and Greetings from India

Event seen the popular kiters across globe participating in various events.

                                               Mayor of Uiseong in his Presidential Address

The event venue, a far and wide river bank of Namedicheon river found to be very attractive for the event of this sort. Stalls covering the food, items showing cultural themes, kite workshops, kite sale shops, games were found to be nice for the people who witnessed the event. This is was helpful and got highlighted over to the cultural programes in the stage they organized, PSy Ghanham style was only song that was popular to every one who are not Koreans. A dance and foot tapping that could bring in style and stand irresistible to me at least becoz of my interest in the song but barely happend since we are in the ground. A drizzling rain in the ground also was a no surprise becoz we knew it by informing us already. but cool!.

In the inauguration I have decided to go for an Indian, especially in Kerala outfit wearing Dhothi and Silk Shirt with a half-dhothi on the shoulder to give an Indian look. And this Indian holding the National Flag in the Stage fluttering in the sky gave a lot of compassionate moment and proud of such innings gave me wholesome happiness in a different country. I thank every one involved in this great show.

A nice occasion with the friends from Uiseong as well as kiters friends surrounded for a photo shoot, a cherished memories. This has lead to many photo sessions. I also found one Korean a part of the staff in the ground speak broken Hindi. I am surprised but he clarifies he had some Indian friends.

Lunch served in the venue with Korean delicacies. Good food enjoyed.

Only things that left to us were the absence of the wind. Inflatables were loaded with the helium balloons.
This was fine with those inflatable kites some of them including me carrying bamboo and carbon rods which are heavier where balloons a far a game. We ran with our kites which was so heavy to have it visible for the audience who cam well tuned to a pack and captivated. Shutter bugs came close to snap it but frequently run in many time to their angle so that they can easily take pictures. The Mayor of Uiseong visited us to see the kites we brought in. Shared with him the creation kites and what it projects. He is a nice gentlemen came with his better-half in the International Network Forum clubbed with Welcoming Dinner.

The welcoming dinner and the International Network Forum for the cultural exchange and development  was organised in the The Garlic Restaurant. Outside of the restaurant there was a huge garlic fixed in the led lights on to it. Looked wonderful/.

I was one of the speaker in the 6 countries selected. I spoke about the kite culture of India which accentuated on the after effect of kite cutting, the fall of birds and people who was hit by the left overs of the thread harming the community and thereby causing the bad name and change in perception. The presentation of mine garnered over the importance of show kite events and generation of new dimension on kite making to promote the heritage inculcating it in kites and spread a new trend in the kite shows the world over was appreciated by the INF. Besides me were in the presenting was from Combodia (Yarin and Sarak), Philipines(Orlando), Malaysia (Ezanee), Turkey (Seagull)  and Thailand (Ron).

As a gesture of appreciation on gifting I thought its ideal to handover to the Mayor of Uiseong, a caprisoned elephant while its seen in the temples for processions.

Ms. Ginny who translated English to Korean during the conversation and meeting with the Mayor and his better half. That was a nice occasion immediately after the Dinner. Mayor too had a gift in exchange, which now found a place in my showcase back home giving me good notes. The certificate of appreciation, which was nicely jacketed in velvet cloth file was handed over later in the rooms by our monitors where we have stayed.

Launch of my Temple Kite in the land of Garlic, Uiseong County, South Korea.

King Mahabali in the UIKF, 2014 A far shot but visible i guess. My camera has a been having problems.

Temple Kite

Theyyam Kite before its take off in UIKF, 2014.

Kite Aerial Photography by my friend Riga from Indonesia. Great effort!!

2nd day after noon we had gud wind a wholesome treat by the Wind God, happily moved in thereafter till All my kites were flown and happily packed thereafter.

Proceeded to the airport at 8.15 am and it took again four- five hours with a break in between for the freshen-ups.Reached airport and back home now.

Waiting for another round of activities for the rest of the year. But still have hangover of the immediate past event that gave me lot of opportunities.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Our Kites Fly

Flying of our kites. 

Temple Kite by KLF India


I have Just finished my new kite titled TEMPLE KITE, an unique artistic expression of my thoughts.
I hope you will like it and comment. This am taking to new festivals.

Test fly done and it flown nice. 

KiteKraft by KLF from Jan till March 2014

KLF's Kitekraft, a regular affair in the organisation conducts kite creative workshop more than three years now. This was done in gud nos from 11 participants to 1200 nos. You will some of the workshop pics for information. There are unique designs by KLF which is based on Theme mutually agreed upon by a talk, be it awareness or the cause related issues. You will

Workshops done already as per the following.

@ Thiruvananthapuram Press Club for their Students Club

@ Kollam Kite Club for the participants at Kollam(Quilon)

@ Calicut for the Members  of F-Cube

@ Kollam to observe the World Cancer Day Feb 4

part of the Cancer Day event

@ Aranmula on the occasion of Paddy Harvest Launch

@ Kochi for the Kids of GoodEarth Reflections, a apartment

A kid and a Kite in Palakkad

Giri is an old school mate and a childhood friend in my home town. We studied in the same school. often we played football after the class...