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National Kite Festival 27-28 Dec 2014

National Kite Festival is an initiative of Kollam Kite Club, an affliated kite hobby club of KiteLife Foundation India. The event was held in the serene golden beach of Kollam, a district in the southern part of Kerala which is popularly known for Cashew growing cultivatation processing and export oriented business and thus driving economic generation to the state. The event goes with the theme of National Integrity and brotherhood therefore the states which sends their youth from varied regions include Punjab, Chatisgarh, Jarkhand, Haryana, Tanil Nadu , Kolkata, Gujarat and Kerala covering almost 200 young ambassodors to spread the message with variety of activities and that culminated in KiteFlying at Kollam Beach. Professional kitists team Bangalore ( Kite Doddabalpur) and Kochi ( Team Kerala GOC & Kitefully Yours) came from Karnataka, Kerala added the colour in the skyline exhibiting king size kites on various features depicting the cultural motifs exploring to showcase the…