Sunday, 15 March 2015

Kite Festival in Kenya 15 March 2015

Now am in Nairobi while writing this blog. Its first time am in this continent Africa. East Africa has cultural heritage. Many indian i fiund they migrated n four generation. Its nice t meet them but above my friends in Kenya they are the best and enjoyed meeting them and flying my kites for them. The cultural formation i like and cusine i had was delicious. Roads in kenya gave me feeling that am in India traffic seemed equally jammed like in India.Buses ply almost are private owned and they goes with their own selection.I seen buses has numbers like in delhi mumbai like. Kenya has also have good wooden furnitures they make and sell. It looks realy good and worksmanship with artistic skill is exceedingly great. Its in their genes i think. I have good soveniers i bought for my memmory like masai culture showing tribal ancestory. Kite flying gaining popularity in Kenya lot of people gathered from far and wide. This indians. the day seen turbulant wind some of kites damaged now its an herculian task to fix it. However i managed to fly my kites abd entertain the audiebce its the first time any body frm India getting an opportunity to come to this part of Africa.i loved it any how. The concept i liked the way it ooerated its wholesum occassion for people to gather around like a picnic. Children flying kites in one side with stall for craft work everbody enjoy. Sumptous delicacies in other stalls added flaviur of music abd deejay with MC moving around taking bites in rhe vast and sprawling Nairobi Polo Club ground, i like it immensly and aporeciate tge work they do no doubt it has lot potential. Thnks for all the support and hospitality. Here are some of the pictures

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