Saturday, 19 September 2015

2nd Puducherry International Kite Festival 2015 4-6 Sept 2015

Puducherry, the famous French reviera of the east witnessed 2nd edition of the popular kite festivais sept from 4-5 with enthusiasm and fun. The people of Puducherry accepted it wholeheartedly for a reason as the event is gaining importance in their life. Never seen giant features ever before untill the advent of kite festivals. Festival is also a reason for everyone to Join flying besides a captivated audience tuned kite making workshop that geared whole sum picturesque kite making with an expert who will be teaching nuances of Kite making in a new dimension which is unique. Several hundreads of kids and adults alike flocked to be part of the fest from far wide travelling from Chennai, Bangalore, Salem that include tourists from other nations. This goes as a part of general audience who witnessed the show and partnered as a flier in the general flying area other than few confined as themselves spectators and taking pictures of kites along posing in then ground. Minster for Tursm Thiru P Rajavelu inaugurated the festival by flying a giant kite along with Secty Tourism Thiru Mihir Vardhan IAS, Director Tourism Thiru R Mounyssamy and Chairman PTDC and other officials that include from KiteLife Foundation Shri Rajesh Nair Founder. The invite kiters were the highlights this year. They were flew from Malaysia, Singapore, France and our own kiters from India like Kerala, Karnataka, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and emerging Pondycherry. Altogether there were more than 17 kiters this year. And we are happy it is growing big. Thanks giving to all. The kites displayed were better than the immediate past. Giant Bols, Butterfly train kites, Diamond train kites, Monster inflatable, octupus, Manta Ray, Crocodile, Lifter, Cody, Stunt Kites, Revolution, Led cycle in night flying, Power traction, Boomer, Innovative kites and hundreds of delta, Eagle, and traditional diamond shapes kites were flown all put together Professional as well as General flying areas. The participants in the workshop in kite making flown Origami Kite which were asked to fly in the low wind. Children enjoyed a lot on this too. Stage performances were on the sidelines of the fest.Kite poems and creative kite contest were the other highlights. This time winners were few new members. However, the prizes they win were for the creative kite with a legend on the late former President of India Shri Abdul Kalam followed by a recycled paper Using to make a kite which was applaudable. Kite the poems competition evinced interest from last year did make a round this year also seen winning in Tamil, England and Hindi recites given special mention and all the prizes with certificates handed over by Minister of Tourism Thiru P Rajavelu, Govt of Puducherry.

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