Sunday, 29 January 2017

Diamond City Kite Festival Flying Festival 28-29 Jan 2017

It was instant of my long time friend Mr V Krishnaji Rao from Bangalore invited me to attend a kite festival in Coimbatore. Schedule of kite fest from 28-29, Jan 2017 at Pusari Palayam organised for a private company where the fest was organised on a farm ground turning out to be a townshipship after few years. Teams comprising 12 members with all types of kites ranging from conventional to new dimensional kites showcased the various colors in different shapes and sizes, witnessed by invited guests by the company. The day one went well by the support of stable wind which could weigh heavy kites. There was a sign of rain in the climate but time permits for everything that required to give the way for a successfull show. Show timing begun from 7-10 am & 3.30- 6 pm. Day two had seen kiters engaged in kite clinic and support to the invited guest coming from morning with a view and urge to fly kites on the ground. It is counted to more than 200 in nos and we could ma NB as he joyfully. Kite enthusiasts did not care for the weather condition and flown at the best what they can. There ground was full in a Kite while. Kites track led tangling each other which is common. Kites up loaded up above as world so high. Enjoy.

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