Saturday, 16 September 2017

Kite Festival @ Muzhupilangad Drive-in Beach, Telicherry Kannur Dist Kerala

This is the first time in Muzhupilangad Drive-in beach a kite festival is getting conducted. Perhaps for Kannur as District earlier it witnessed Kitefestival. Infact, Kitelifefoundation had earlier organised a kite festival in Payyambalam beach another famous beach in the district.

Locations are solid as beaches are finest destinations in this district. However, Muzhupilangad famous for its drive-in beach perhaps the most sought after by the youth and families comes first. Youth is for the reason for wrooming the cars and sport bikes over the low tide when it reaches on the shore and that splash drive emerge is a good sight. It becomes thrilling and exhilarating. Entry to beach is by paying Rs 30/- to the beach. To all these is a craze but one doesn't understand vehicles ride on the sea shore is of knowing the vehicle prone to damage itself as it got hit with salt water heavily. Yes says most the people with whom we interacted. Vehicles located at these places seemed to be very prone to get damaged and they're not very best in resale value! May be right.

Ok. Coming to the point, our festival which was organised received warm welcome because this is the first time and kites flown in the sky shot into limelight because of the uncoventional designs followed by Sports kiting, Sky lanterns, LED kiting and kite workshop. Three day activity placed the audience enthusiastic and turned spell bound. Many wanted to know such builts how flies and especially sport kites ran in the evenings created a furore having many coming forward frm crowd gathered around asking wheather it is a battery operated flying object as it is misunderstood as battery since the fluttering sound from kite created a different thought. Boomrang throwing was very well about attraction where children come forward to learn in the wee hours of the festival. Only disheartened was 3rd day as there was no wind in the beach. But then we tried boomerang  and light wind kites as well.

Teams from Karnataka, Kerala attended the event. KiteKraft from Kitelifefoundation conducted the kite workshop. The beach is around 4km long and in the evening when the seas errosions happens you aught to get the widest space as well. They beach is having a shallow ground. The beach undoubtedly gives a look of an international arena and it arrives by our own aerial pics This can be explored. This beach can be a possible for conducting an international kite festival. May be very next time. Let's see.

Kiters who have come went happy back home. Kerala cuisine with different delicacies prepared  from sea food and the finest hospitality were supported to cover everyone's 3 day getaway to this finest location which is 6th in Asia.

Glance of Kitefestival. Myraid of shades. 


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