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Coimbatore hosts Kite Festival Jan 2017

Courtesy to a news coverage. News and visitors enthralled. Coimbatore witnesses first intl kite festival Sunday, 29 January 2017 PTI Coimbatore: Colourful and fancy kites in all shapes and sizes filled the sky as the city witnessed its first-ever "International Kite festival." Bengaluru-based V K Rao and his 10-member team taught the spectators the basics of kite flying, on the second day of the 10-day "Coimbatore Vizha" yesterday. Kites painted the sky in vibrant hues at Diamond City, RS Puram in the heart of the city. "Sizzling Kite", "Parachute Kite" and "Eagle Kites" drew cheers from spectators. The organisers, Young Indians, a part of CII, said the event will continue for tomorrow as to generate more enthusiasm among people who had gathered in large numbers to enjoy the sight. Some spectators said earlier they had to go to all the way to Hyderabad or Ahmedabad to witness such an event, and thanked the organisers for br…

Diamond City Kite Flying Festival 28-29, Jan 2017


Diamond City Kite Festival Flying Festival 28-29 Jan 2017

It was instant of my long time friend Mr V Krishnaji Rao from Bangalore invited me to attend a kite festival in Coimbatore. Schedule of kite fest from 28-29, Jan 2017 at Pusari Palayam organised for a private company where the fest was organised on a farm ground turning out to be a townshipship after few years. Teams comprising 12 members with all types of kites ranging from conventional to new dimensional kites showcased the various colors in different shapes and sizes, witnessed by invited guests by the company. The day one went well by the support of stable wind which could weigh heavy kites. There was a sign of rain in the climate but time permits for everything that required to give the way for a successfull show. Show timing begun from 7-10 am & 3.30- 6 pm. Day two had seen kiters engaged in kite clinic and support to the invited guest coming from morning with a view and urge to fly kites on the ground. It is counted to more than 200 in nos and we could ma NB as he joyfully.…

Goa & Belgaum International Kite Festival 217- 16-22


Roof Top Flying in Ahmadabad I n the day of Makarasankranti


Kiters Paradise are beaches. OK if no wind then we unwind.


8-22 Jan 2017 -International Kite Festival Tour month

The day begins from 6th Jan as I had to leave Kochi to catch scheduled kiter activities in different parts of India beginning West to Spotify South and ends to return back home. Kite Festival is an important activity as far as a kiter is concern. Its a regular activity that compound just not flying but an opportunity which would give meeting new friends and old friends. Years now gone many are olf friendships only. It's kind re-union. Hence fellowship and friendships. Talks are always same if meet old or new but difference will be the kites we brought to dually and exhibit. 1000s of people gathered around in the vast and vide ground enthrall audience. Many wanted to try out hand in hold kites and see how weigh it has as kites made but kiters are awsumly big and tedious to fly as to control over wind. Sparing turbulent wind. But then it is a matter of pride in the ground as the spectators are eyed on us what new this guy is coming to do. May friendship from the crowd also born. How…