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Kite Festival @ Muzhupilangad Drive-in Beach, Telicherry Kannur Dist Kerala

This is the first time in Muzhupilangad Drive-in beach a kite festival is getting conducted. Perhaps for Kannur as District earlier it witnessed Kitefestival. Infact, Kitelifefoundation had earlier organised a kite festival in Payyambalam beach another famous beach in the district.

Locations are solid as beaches are finest destinations in this district. However, Muzhupilangad famous for its drive-in beach perhaps the most sought after by the youth and families comes first. Youth is for the reason for wrooming the cars and sport bikes over the low tide when it reaches on the shore and that splash drive emerge is a good sight. It becomes thrilling and exhilarating. Entry to beach is by paying Rs 30/- to the beach. To all these is a craze but one doesn't understand vehicles ride on the sea shore is of knowing the vehicle prone to damage itself as it got hit with salt water heavily. Yes says most the people with whom we interacted. Vehicles located at these places seemed to be very p…