Monday, 5 February 2018

Little Jhanvi & Mathangi tied their freedom in Art and Fly at KiteKraft® in Dubai Kite Fiesta 2018

Little Jhanvi, a third grade student in a school in Dubai came along with her parents Jayakrishnan and Reshmi to witness the appreciable and spectacular kite show that was hosted on the background of Dubai Outlet Mall on to the Dubai Al- Ain Rd. It was the second time for Jhanvi attending the event. Earlier it was Jumeria an year two back. 
Mathangi, in her 7 years of age some thing compounded for her child hood kiting was something a new but could never looked odd! She was accompanied by mother. Soon she become close to kite, yet not on a conventional model seen on the pictures. She was restless couldnt wait for the kite work shop to begin.  A power sled was made for them! DIY. While Jhanvi got a lite yellow in color kite where as Mathangi liked white with red vent. They couldn't resist to defy the wind!!! It become irresistible ofcourse that's the inner sense of every kite enthusiasts. All you do to ask them !!! Hahaha. Energy that gets by virtue of flying in the clear blue Skyline will give not only enjoying self but also raise an enormous potential to imagination and see if a kid that fly had all the adorations and appearing to be aspirational, their thought process, color, sense, concentration, eye sharpen retina getting strong! You end up never wasting on a reading spectacle!!! Belived to be appeared. 
Now on this kite which they are made is 4 times foldable to the extend of a tissue napkins and keep in your pockets. Is it one you ever looked for; am like little sceptical indeed. You will enjoy it whenever you wanted it reuse it. No short falls. If you find a wind near by that you think is safe, possibly on a good vast ground and open with out electric posts or high rise building then you are game. Safety comes as like any first. It's restricts your enjoyment. Surely you will do it. Doesn't require to fly very high since you wanted to see it how is it flying and when you fly it you will see the design what you made upon it. Yeah. That's what. The beginning of imagination what else you could think in. Your skill starts here to make now and more good kites. It's good stress buster as well and possible way to make friendships. 

More in next time. 

Wish you all good flight!

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