Monday, 4 June 2018

The Art of Kites by Rajesh Nair at popular mall in Chennai, Phoenix Market City Palladium held in Association with KiteLife Foundation

On the sidelines of an ongoing summer promotions, Phoenix Market city in Chennai has come out with series of activities aimed at families and kids. Latest in the series were 'The Art of Kites' by Rajesh Nair, in association with NGO KiteLife Foundation. Rajesh was invited to conduct a kite making workshop, which is like a first of its kind in Chennai. This unique activity was attended by enthusiasts as participants who learned the technics for not only making professional kites but flying it with ease. The kite kits were provided by KLF to all aspiring participants towards DIY model. There were quiet a few who seemed to have been making kites for the first time. Some of them already made kites in the past have not seen the kind of. Kite design that was taught at the venue. But then it was easier to carry along and unfold to raise it up soaring heights that can catch whilst flying. The same can wrapp easily and pocket it. The happiness one learned thu this activity was amazing!  Few says!!. They continue doing so once they knew it. That's the beauty thru one can achieve thru kiting.

The event was held at Palladium seen to have good foot falls. Rajesh also flown some of his kites sized in giant models outside the mall for the pubic entertainment.

Media covered the event to boost the Art of Kites. Some pictures have put in below and more to come to be appeared shortly.

There were kite installation looked like a shandlier at the entrance of Palladium hall made by an Artist from Kerala, according to officials.

Soon after the main workshop. Was over, morning in the break fast table at Annam Cafe, a restaurant in the hotel, few invited rajesh to make kite for them, ad it is something too technical for them but not it seemed as so fast he finished a kite in 12 minutes. Gradually, that worked out as a kite tutorial to the enthusiasts.

We will shortly incorporate more colorful pictures!

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