A new craze found in kites by kids in Green Park, Aluva, Kochi 23 April 2019

Neighbourhood kids play with kites The kid brigade found a craze in the flying sport when they were gifted few units of kites by Rajesh. They engaged in fixing tails and ear tails when 'Rajesh uncle' told them that gives stability. The kites are typically in a fighter kite model and kids were not aware of such dynamics. They ran in the avenue to fly kites. There is no ground or a play ground for them in the vicinity of the resident colony. What surprises, the flying continued for next 3 days. They completely forgotten using mobile phones / games. That's a good sign. Some time mobiles are a bane than a boon..what it restricts and obstruct the power of imagination for growing children. Rajesh says it gives really a good feeling and things turned out to be very positive by the end of the day, Prithvi, young amongst  the kutty gang tied his kite in the back of his cycle and ride his kite and that went up while his brother kept flying his kite soaring the sky by running wit

Kite Making at Sattva and Kite Flying at Kuzhuppilly Beach on April 30th, 2022

Participants enjoyed a kite building session at Sattva, a cultural centre owned by Supriya Mithra, on April 30th,2022. Making kites was an important element of their summer camp. Children have been participating for many years, and newcomers to the camp appear to be quite enthusiastic about the activities, Sattva organises. According to the KiteLife Foundation, this is the fifth time their association with Sattva. During pandemic too there was an online session. This time, because it's offline, a group of kids is working on a diamond kite and also in addition flying a para sled that can be used to fly on the beach. We chose Kuzhuppilly Beach as usual, and everyone had a great time flying their kites, made. A single line bridle was used on their kite that they created during the session. Few pics speak. Lol ❤😍 The beach wind is found to be a little strong, so the sled kite, their second kite in the session in which the kids were instructed to fly was a little difficult task. The ki

Beach Festival & Kite Festival 2022, April 14&15.

  i Sea Beach Pondy Festival, April 2020 Theyyam - Wind inflatable kite. Jelly kite ( inflatable laundry with Delta ( stick / carbon rod) Shiva Theyyam flies above light house Monster pointer, flat/ bow type with sticks/ carbon rods. Theyyam with box kite, a stick based  The big bubble flow show was a part of the event at Pondy Marina. The Kite Flying Festival is a spectacular sight in the blue skyline that has become a charm for both tourists and locals alike. It is a two-day event held at the beach festival in Pondicherry. It was also a reminder to many when did they fly their first kite or a kite that one can remember flying a kite as a child. Everyone, regardless of age, came together to see a lovely kite fly. A group of medical students flew the kite with their mates. Some of them admitted to never having flown a kite as a child. Others took turns celebrating by passing over what they had flown to their spectator buddies. Meanwhile, a member of the Puducherry Legislative Assembly