A new craze found in kites by kids in Green Park, Aluva, Kochi 23 April 2019

Neighbourhood kids play with kites The kid brigade found a craze in the flying sport when they were gifted few units of kites by Rajesh. They engaged in fixing tails and ear tails when 'Rajesh uncle' told them that gives stability. The kites are typically in a fighter kite model and kids were not aware of such dynamics. They ran in the avenue to fly kites. There is no ground or a play ground for them in the vicinity of the resident colony. What surprises, the flying continued for next 3 days. They completely forgotten using mobile phones / games. That's a good sign. Some time mobiles are a bane than a boon..what it restricts and obstruct the power of imagination for growing children. Rajesh says it gives really a good feeling and things turned out to be very positive by the end of the day, Prithvi, young amongst  the kutty gang tied his kite in the back of his cycle and ride his kite and that went up while his brother kept flying his kite soaring the sky by running wit

8th October OneSky OneWorld@Kochi activities - Kuzhuppilly Beach

Hi We have conducted a day with kite on the occassion of world Kite Day. Some pictures for your reference. Today at Kuzhuppilly Beach in Kochi, the KiteLife Foundation held OneSky OneWorld. This time, we had a kite in green that had been signed by kiters from all over the world in front of an event that had recently taken place in Bintulu. This kite added to the overall excitement of the day and gave the concept of the day a more global feel. 🕺🏼🪁see you soon with another event.

Borneo International Kite Festival 2023 26 Sept -2 October 2023

The fact that I'm about to travel and take part in Bintulu, Sarawak's world-famous kite festival for the 7-8th time since 2012, has not surprised me in the least. Bintulu is my favorite city because of how welcoming its friends are and how its appearance has developed over time. Though the premium in participation, kite flying is adorable and overwhelming when the kites we carried soar in the skyline. "To serve as a justification, I would accept bail. My phone's capacity was severely limited, but I managed to save some of the pictures you see here. Not many could be photographed." I want to add a few images to what I mentioned will give you an overview. Aparna with Guru Fred Taylor giving Revolution Kite training. Twosome flying Kodimaram Kite, introduced in Bintulu from India. Kodimaram Pattam New Kite Flown in Bintulu. A visual treat!  Snake boat kite flying in far! From KiteLife Foundation. Aparna Nair in the field. Since 2012, the author/kiter has participated